New partnership for a more sustainable and digitized construction industry

Anno 2024, building and renovation in Belgium is still a, mainly, manual affair. Although some initiatives are emerging here and there, digitization in the construction sector is still in its infancy. There are thus important opportunities to make construction processes more efficient, reduce failure costs and deploy personnel in a more targeted way with attention to comfort and safety. Research and innovation can help make construction processes more efficient through prefabrication, increase quality, reduce failure costs and achieve climate goals by making new and existing building stock more sustainable.

Digitalization is a must

Digitalization solutions have become more and more cost-competitive in recent years, providing significant cost savings for construction companies. This technology provides a basis for follow-up steps in quality assurance, productivity enhancement and allows us to make optimal use of available resources, including the reuse of products, components and raw materials.

Flanders Make and EnergyVille join forces

To support the construction industry and the entire construction value chain, Flanders Make and EnergyVille are joining forces. In the collaboration, these partners bring their state-of-the-art technology to the table.

  • EnergyVille focuses on the development of innovative building elements, improved energy performance and integral sustainability throughout the life cycle buildings, elements and materials, supported by the Thoreaq and Constructhor infrastructure at Thor Park Genk.
  • Flanders Make focuses on design techniques for assembly and manufacturing, digitization of design and manufacturing processes, operator support and semi- and fully automated manufacturing processes.

This collaboration is also strengthened thanks to the cooperation, expertise and sector knowledge of Buildwise, Embuild and Agoria.

Based on these competencies, Flanders Make and EnergyVille have identified four domains in which new technology will be developed to support companies:

Matchmaking event September 2024

The focus of this collaboration is to realize impact on the construction industry within two to maximum four years. We are therefore looking for industrial partners who want to work more closely together through various innovation projects. We offer support from our expertise, both for the development of research proposals and for the realization of the projects.

Linda Corstjens, PR & Communication Manager

Linda Corstjens has more than 20 years of experience in communication & PR in research, B2B and B2C environments. In 2010 she started at Flanders' Drive as PR & Communication Manager and then continued as PR & Communication Manager of Flanders Make in 2014 at the birth of Flanders Make.

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