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CEOs, R&D Managers and business managers of both large and small companies are invited on 26 November 2019 to our annual Symposium.
How TRINITY finances your SME’s robotics and IoT transition to improve Agility in Manufacturing
Customers expect products to be safe. That’s why there are a number of regulations that companies must follow in order to put a product on the market...
Geef mee vorm aan de toekomst! Industrie 4.0 in Vlaanderen: Wat weten we al en wat moeten we nog te weten komen?
Employees are finding it increasingly difficult to function in complex and ever-changing labs and process environments. But, with smart solutions...
Workshop on metamaterials that reduce noise in vehicles and machines.
Are you keeping up with the new make? Steam power, electric drive, automation: 250 years and three industrial revolutions in a nutshell. But are you...