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Smart Factory Indumation


Who we are

Flanders Make is the strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry. From our sites all over Flanders, we stimulate open innovation through excellent research. 

Our purpose: realising a top-level research network in Flanders that delivers full support to the innovation projects of manufacturing companies. This way, we want to contribute to new products and production processes that help to realise the vehicles, machines and factories of the future.

Industry 4.0 in Belgium

Flanders Make and PwC surveyed over 30 leading manufacturing companies in Belgium to find out their current maturity level and future expectations of Industry 4.0. 

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What we do

Based on high-tech research, we offer active support to companies in the manufacturing industry for developing and optimising products and production processes.

Customised InnovationTesting and ValidationResearch


Video: smart products and Industry 4.0


Would you like to join 1 of our new research projects? Click to see the complete list of possibilities.
Flanders Make organised a roadtrip through the cradle of Industry 4.0 together with Voka - Chamber of Commerce Limburg.
2018 was a year of growth, evolution and innovation. We achieved a 40% growth of employees and watched as the number of members went up 20%. Also, we...
We look back on the 2018 edition and would like to invite you to join us next year!
Cases on how we supported SMEs in the adoption of digital technologies to optimise their production processes.
VCST developed an online monitoring system together with Flanders Make that ensures the quality of the end product.

Benefits Flanders Make membership

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  • Helping to determine research objectives

  • One contact person for support

  • Unique innovation network for knowledge institutions and companies

  • Support for being active on a European level

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