About wellbeing and gender equality

As strategic research centre for the industry, Flanders Make wants to provide a good and stimulating environment for its co-workers where creativity and innovation can thrive and where they can perform in the best possible conditions. This entails a genuine interest in their personal as well as their collective wellbeing. As a result, Flanders Make is putting in place initiatives to both monitor and enhance wellbeing on the work floor in a broad sense. Continuous follow-up, pro-active as well as corrective initiatives and measures are being put in place.

Flanders Make believes that the only way to ensure that people can be deployed to the fullest extent of their creative, innovative and collaborative potential, is to guarantee equal treatment regardless of their origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation or believes. Therefore, Flanders Make welcomes the European initiative and requirements with regard to Gender Equality.

Flanders make will align its approach on wellbeing and more specifically on Gender Equality with the requirements of the eligibility criteria of the European Framework Program for Research and Innovation (EU Horizon 2020). 

As of 2022 the Gender Equality Plan key indicators will be included in its annual Activity Report and measures and guidelines will be anchored in the Flanders Make HR policy.

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