Member of the Board of Directors  Function
 Urbain Vandeurzen  Independant Director
 Grisja Lobbestael  CEO
 Jochen Vincke  Independant Director
 Karen Maex  Independant Director
 Inge Stoop  Independant Director
 Geert Ostyn  Industrial Director
 Paul Snauwaert  Industrial Director
 Katrien Wyckaert  Industrial Director
 Koenraad Debackere  University representation
 Ignace Lemahieu  University representation
 Elke Piessens  University representation
 André Bouffioux  Director nominated by the government
 Herman Derache  Director nominated by the government
 Peter Cabus  Government Representative 
 Wim Verrelst  Government Representative 
 Leo van de Loock  Observer
 Erwin Dewallef  Observer

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