Report Heurisko 2023: "Impossible to pick out just a few highlights"

A look back at Heurisko 2023: 'Impossible to pick out just a few highlights'

In good annual tradition, we once again organised the Heurisko seminar at the end of April. At Heurisko, together with a number of partner companies, we present our latest top innovations and most innovative research results that form the basis of these innovations. The seminar is an excellent opportunity to keep up with the latest technological insights as well as to strengthen ties with other industry players. Together with several participants, we look back on this memorable edition.

Cluster consortium meeting in the morning

As the venue for this year's Heurisko seminar, we chose ICC Ghent. We first welcomed our cluster consortium members on 25 April for an extensive consultation meeting. In this important meeting, which took up the whole morning, we further drew the path for our future research strategy together.

The first session detailed the content of our research tracks around adaptive and smart assembly systems, high-performance motion systems, sustainable end-to-end design operations and digitised manufacturing and products to enable end-to-end design operations.

After a coffee break, we went back around the table with our cluster consortium members. In the following hour, we focused on the research tracks around the 'production worker 4.0', smart and sustainable drives, product/production end-to-end design operations and adaptive and smart discrete manufacturing elements.

One of the participants in this meeting was Kris De Moerlooze, R&D manager of machine manufacturer LAB Motion Systems. He testifies why he absolutely wanted to attend and how he experienced the cluster consortium meeting:

It is important to attend so that the different member companies of Flanders Make can share their research interests with each other, align and define relevant research that promotes shared interests. The cluster consortium meeting was well organised and prepared, with sufficient framing of the results of previous meetings, allowing open discussion for further detailing of the research tracks.

Speakers from top companies and Flanders Make

After lunch, it was time for the extensive programme of presentations, where Flanders Make researchers stood shoulder to shoulder with their partners at collaborating companies. They showed the latest top technologies realised at these companies and Flanders Make's most innovative industrial research results, which are at the basis of these innovations. Particularly inspiring food for thought!

Some examples of the topics covered: digital support for operators, optimisation of CAD designs, energy saving in drives, quality inspection with smart robots and AI for better designs. All topics that are crucial to be future-proof as a company.

Participants were able to pick up special insights from speakers from absolute top companies. The list of participating companies says it all: Atlas Copco, Barco, Dana, Borit, Bewel, Logflow, Azumuta, Saint-Gobain, E-Trova and Powerdale.

A total of 12 presentations were scheduled, with English as the language of instruction. The presentations were divided into three parallel tracks, allowing participants to follow their ideal individual programme. The three tracks were 'Production', 'End-to-End design operation' and 'Motion products'.

Heurisko 2023 presentation


Deep dive in technical themes

New this year were the 'deep dive sessions'. This gave interested parties the chance to dive deep into a number of technical topics through some challenging presentations. These high-tech sessions were led by specialists from Flanders Make.

The Flanders Make researchers addressed three very diverse issues in detail. A first presentation highlighted certain tools that enabled rapid reconfigurability of robotic work cells. In the two other sessions, participants got meticulous answers on the potential of digital models for an optimal production environment and on how managing business processes better will help you move towards Industry 4.0.

Between the presentations, and afterwards, there was ample time for networking moments in a relaxed environment. The perfect opportunity for employees of companies to get to know each other and the Flanders Make researchers better, and to discuss opportunities for collaborations.

Participants reflect back

For Bert Hannon, customer & system engineering team leader at drive systems manufacturer Dana, Heurisko is always an excellent opportunity to get a good overview of the latest developments in R&D and to make useful contacts with colleagues.

We were therefore looking forward to the seminar and, as usual, the organisation was again top-notch. Impossible to pick out just a few highlights. The setting was ideal for learning from each other and networking during informal chats over a cup of coffee.

The seminar exceeded the expectations of Benny Claes, technology & innovation engineer at customisation company Bewel. He was also pleased to present his own project that Bewel is working on with Flanders Make and other companies, during a presentation on solutions for better socio-economic partnerships.

The seminar was high-tech. Certainly the deep dive sessions stood out. The networking moments are also opportunities I like to take away. My personal highlight was our own presentation. For me, it was important to be able to share our set-up and even more so to hear the positive reactions afterwards.

It was again an extraordinary privilege for us to welcome all the companies and participants to our annual seminar. We look forward to continuing to write the success story of the Flemish manufacturing industry together.

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Kristof Vrancken, Communication Officer

Kristof Vrancken is Digital Communication Officer at Flanders Make since 2019. As Digital Marketeer with experience in both B2B and B2C environments he writes with a fresh view on technological innovation, about what literally and figuratively moves within our research centre.