Flanders Make and Sirris strengthen their ties

Two complementary partner organisations, one industry innovation idea

Companies that are strongly committed to or want to start technological innovation can turn to Flanders Make for support with challenges in their production process or product development. Flanders Make cooperates, both in Flanders and at European level, in a broad innovation ecosystem of companies and knowledge institutions. A particularly important partner is Sirris, the collective centre of the technology industry.

In our Leuven branches we are neighbours, our new buildings in Kortrijk are a stone's throw from each other and both our organisations are also present in Hasselt. But what really binds us is our passion to help companies succeed by focusing on technological innovation. Our offer is complementary and we also regularly join forces in innovation projects, together stimulating and supporting companies to grow and be competitive in a sustainable way, from research to implementation. We briefly explain this for you.


Companies can come to Flanders Make especially if they have a problem or experience a challenge in their production process or product, while already using new and advanced technologies or if they want to take a step towards an innovative environment, provided new technologies are developed. In short, the Flanders Make researchers support you in researching and realising your 'next-level' innovation.

Companies can turn to Sirris especially when they have a problem or face a challenge in their production process or product, for which there are new or mature technologies on the market that can provide a solution. In short, Sirris advisers guide you towards successful adoption of new and already available technologies on the market.

Both our organisations provide tailor-made innovation trajectories or feasibility studies to analyse your challenges and we can build proof-of-concepts to demonstrate that the proposed solution works. In addition, we both have several facilities for testing production processes under controlled conditions.

Of course, there is also a strong interface between these complementary roles. In that interface, we cooperate as much as possible in projects, striving to maximise the flow of new knowledge and new technology to the wider market. So we exploit our complementary roles and market insights together, to achieve maximum impact on the industry and ensure that companies can take new steps to remain competitive.

Who to turn to?

Still unsure which of the two organisations is best to turn to with your question or challenge? Feel free to contact one of us! We will listen to your question and guide you to the partner best suited to your specific needs.


Flanders Make: info@flandersmake.be - +32 11 790 590
Sirris: info@sirris.be - +32 16 36 02 70

Grisja Lobbestael, CEO

Grisja Lobbestael graduated as an Industrial Engineer and Master of Science Engineering in 1995. He later went on to complete the Advanced Management Programme and Master Class in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Vlerick Management School. After several management positions at Packo, Barco and Sioen, he is currently the CEO of Flanders Make.