Electrifying vehicles or machinery

What, why and how to electrify?

Electrification of vehicles or machines is not new, but it comes with numerous challenges. Is my machine or vehicle electrifiable? Is there a business case for retrofitting? What roadmap should I follow? What are the key success factors?

Flanders Make supports companies that want to electrify their machine (agricultural machine, forklift, rolling stock, tools, trailer, ...) or vehicle (tractor, bicycle, vessel, bus, truck, ...), but still have questions about the technical or economic feasibility. Through a step-by-step approach, Flanders Make searches together with the company for an optimal solution with short lead time and low risks.

  1. Design phase: based on specific requirements, the optimal architecture of the powertrain and the battery system is simulated and the first design is worked out;
  2. Prototype phase: the design is integrated after selecting the necessary components and reverse engineering the machine/vehicle, the prototype is tested and validated;
  3. Operational phase: the software functions and functional safety are further extended with multiple scenarios and extensively tested;

Step 3 - Improve performance in the operational phase

The dynamic behavior (vibration, noise and motion) of a machine/vehicle, its powertrain and its subcomponents is often a crucial product attribute that straddles the line between performance, environmental footprint and human exposure. From this multi-dimensionality, we are committed to optimizing machines/vehicles and their dynamic behavior and this from both test and simulation.

To this end, we have all the necessary expertise in designing, analyzing, modeling, testing, monitoring, controlling and predicting the dynamic behavior of mechanical and mechatronic systems and complement this with our unique test infrastructure.

More information?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities around electrification for your machines or vehicles? Then contact us soon!

Lien Loosvelt, Business Developer

Lien Loosvelt has been working as a Business Developer at Flanders Make since 2023. In this role, she analyzes needs of companies and tries to match them with Flanders Make technology. Together with the company, she works out a customized trajectory.