Development and validation of a high-torque-dense actuator


Development and validation of a high-torque-dense actuator


The demand for robust, high-power actuators in industries such as off-road machinery, material handling, wind turbines, and aeronautics continues to grow. Companies like Dana, Bucher and Cascade Drives are leading the way in developing actuators that offer superior torque densities, increased efficiency, reduced noise levels, and minimized fluid leakage risks.

As industries strive for higher torque densities and improved efficiencies, particularly in applications with flexible duty cycles, there is a notable shift towards the electrification of hydraulic actuators. However, the potential of electric drives to deliver high-torque actuators is hindered by the limitations of high-ratio gearboxes, which are necessary to achieve superior torque densities.

In the realm of off-road vehicles and agricultural machinery, companies exploring the electrification of their products prefer compact, power-dense, and highly efficient electric motors borrowed from transport applications. These motors operate at high speeds, while the vehicles and machines in question require low wheel speeds. Traditional transmission designs with a 3-step reduction can result in higher mass, larger volume, and integration challenges, further complicating the pursuit of electrification in these industries.

Project goal

The primary goal of this research project is to develop an advanced electric actuation system with a power rating exceeding 50 kilowatts, characterized by high torque density.

This system will seamlessly integrate in already available power-dense and efficient electric motor technology with a novel compact, Wolfrom-based high-ratio gearbox that can achieve elevated efficiency while providing substantial gear ratios. The overarching aim is to augment and assess the potential of electric actuators as high-power devices across diverse industries and applications in terms of torque density, efficiency, versatility, compactness, cost-effectiveness, noise, and scalability.

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