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On 5 December, we opened our brand new offices and research infrastructure in the Science Park of Leuven (Gaston Geenslaan 8) in the presence of...
With new top-notch infrastructure Flanders Make wants to support companies in their journey towards factories for the future.
Back-and-forth motions in the drivetrain of a machine generate oscillating power on the drive shaft.
Four cases on how we supported SMEs in the adoption of digital technologies to optimise their production processes.
VCST developed an online monitoring system together with Flanders Make that ensures the quality of the end product.
Flanders Make is the lead partner of a new European project and offers SMEs from the automotive and food industry the opportunity to acquire experience in state-of-the-art technologies.
VLAIO creates one contact point for entrepreneurs concering innovation. Testimonial of Prefamac, partner of Flanders Make.
The Flemisch Government and PwC want to map solution for greener entrepreneurship.
The technology required for smart, agile production plants give human operators a central role.
Flanders Make expands its activities in West Flanders on the site Graaf Karel de Goedelaan in Kortrijk.
The next step is the development of local action plans that will be launched during the final conference in Brussels in November.
This resulted in a sharper focus and expansion.
Machine downtimes may well be one of the biggest fears of manufacturing companies.
It is the first time that Flanders Make attends the Hannover Messe in such a prominent way.
How to improve research and innovation infrastructure governance, visibility and accessibility by companies?