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Documented data on motor and drive losses are often limited to nominal operating conditions. But what if operating parameters deviate from these conditions?
Mass customization creates the necessity for flexible and agile manufacturing systems. Operators are faced with a higher cognitive load. How can they cope?
This annual report provides an overview of all our activities. And looks ahead towards an innovative future.
Flanders Make successfully supports Flemish companies to realise important innovation projects for the vehicles, machines and factories of the future.
Click here to watch the videos of our project results.
In 2013, Flanders Make and its partners successfully completed the research project 'Inductive Charging'. Today we present the technical report.
Flanders Make supports Flemish companies through AVICA to develop technology for the realisation of self-driving vehicles.
Within the scope of the PERPETUAL project, Flanders Make and its partners studied techniques that enable the development of a smart thermostat.
Relying on his extensive industrial experience, he will further shape the research and innovation projects for and with the wider manufacturing industry.
These programmes build the framework for new research projects through which Flanders Make wants to give active support to Flemish companies.
Strategic Research Centre Manufacturing is the strategic research centre of and for the manufacturing industry.
The Flemish government approved of the recognition of the Strategic Research Centre Manufacturing Industry.