First Steps Towards Industrial IoT: update devices with Azure IoT Hub

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In today's connected world, many businesses operate with devices distributed across multiple, often remote, locations - from mobile environments to fixed installations in hard-to-reach places such as high ceilings. Efficiently managing such a wide range of devices presents significant challenges. This is where Internet of Things (IoT) comes into play. IoT technology enables you to monitor and manage these devices remotely, ensuring that essential updates, diagnostics and maintenance can be performed without the need for physical presence, saving time, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency. 

Let us help you take the first steps towards mastering the power of IoT. This hands-on session is designed to equip you with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to launch and manage IoT solutions using Microsoft Azure, with a special focus on the powerful Device Update for IoT Hub. 

Why Attend?

  • Learn the Essentials: Understand the basics of IoT and how to leverage Azure for managing and maintaining robust IoT applications.
  • Deep Dive into Device Management: Get an in-depth look at Device Update for IoT Hub—a comprehensive platform designed for publishing, distributing, and managing updates across all your IoT devices.
  • Hands-On Experience: Exercise the process of updating IoT devices efficiently and securely via Azure.
  • Enhance Security and Functionality: Discover how to quickly respond to security threats and roll out new features without the heavy lifting of developing your own update mechanisms.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your current IoT solutions or starting from scratch, this workshop will provide you with the necessary tools and insights. Learn how to minimize costs while maximizing the functionality and security of your IoT devices. Join us to unlock the full potential of IoT technology in your business operations.

This event is part of the European funded RebootSkills project that aims to facilitate access for the manufacturing industry to high-class training in digital skills. This training will be given in English. Participation is free of charge, please register below.



12- 13h. LUNCH


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