Seating optimisation

Because of the Covid-19 safety measures, large public spaces such as hospitals, residential care centres, rehabilitation centres, bars, restaurants, hotels, event halls, sports stadiums, etc. will be able to accommodate less people for a long time to come. To ensure that the loss of capacity remains limited, Flanders Make has developed an optimisation tool - OptiSeats - that automatically maximises the number of possible seats while taking into account the safety measures in force. Supported by VLAIO, we launched a project to make OptiSeats available quickly and free of charge to Flemish companies and organisations.

We are convinced that our solution can also help schools and universities to optimally place pupils and teachers in the refectory, teachers' area and/or other (multifunctional) areas for eating together or doing activities, taking into account the frequently changed corona measures. In this way it is always certain that the regulations are being followed and it is possible to respond quickly to possible changes in the regulations. Moreover, this way we contribute to a corona-safe environment for pupils, teachers and support staff. Of course, this also applies to other organisations and companies.

Role of Flanders Make

Our researchers developed this tool as a user-friendly web tool with which, as a user, you can get started immediately. You enter the dimensions of the room, the number of tables (incl. table size) and the number of persons per table. The tool then calculates the ideal occupancy depending on the room, taking into account the applicable safety measures.

Possible applications

  • Manage theater reservations
  • Manage restaurant reservations

Flanders Make Seating Optimisation


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