Robots for selection and distribution of medicines in hospitals

The Covid-19 virus puts a huge strain on hospitals and medical staff. Due to the influx of (possibly) infected patients, staff must observe extra measures while they also have to cope with the extra workload that comes with the daily coordination of medication and medical equipment. By deploying robots for the distribution of medication, for example, we can significantly reduce the workload and facilitate the work of our medical staff. 

Role of Flanders Make?

At Flanders Make, we use mobile robots with manipulator arms for assembly applications. However, with a few adjustments, these robots are also able to autonomously handle part of the internal logistics in a hospital. From picking up orders in the warehouse to distributing the products in the hospital ward.

Our robot independently navigates to the warehouse, picks up the desired products and brings them to the right location. By equipping it with a universal gripper, it can easily handle different kinds of materials such as pill boxes of different sizes, disinfection bottles and face masks.

The use of robots in hospitals reduces the workload and, as an additional benefit, facilitates social distancing between medical staff and patient. 

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