Rehabilitation exoskeleton

Exoskeletons are 'robot suits' that support the user in an action. Rehabilitation exoskeletons are designed for offering support to the lower limbs. They combine support with Artificial Intelligence so that the exoskeleton knows exactly how much support is needed for certain movements.

In addition to medical rehabilitation, exoskeletons are also used on the factory floor to prevent overloading of back, knee, hip and shoulders. They are perfect for combining human agility and intelligence with the power and endurance of a robot. As a result, employees can stay healthy and fit for a longer period of time.

Role of Flanders Make?

BruBotics, the 'Human Robotics Research Center' of the VUB, combines 8 research groups that focus on improving quality of life and working condtions by Human Robotics. One of these research groups is the Flanders Make core lab 'Robots & Multibody Mechanics' (R&MM). 

BruBotics is currently testing and evaluating these industrial exoskeletons for companies, both in terms of their physcological impact and their social acceptance.

Flanders Make - Rehabilitation exoskeleton

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