Join our project pitches on performance motion

On Thursday 9 March 2023 we will pitch these project ideas regarding Performance motion.
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09h30: ASSIstance tool for the Selection of the most Simple yet Near-opTimal control structure (ASSISStaNT_IRVA)

Improving energy consumption or product quality often require decisions or control actions that go beyond classic control. Advanced model-based methods (like MPC) could be used, but are cumbersome and complex. We do aim to use such advanced methods, but as a benchmark, to assist the engineer in building or tuning simpler controllers that perform similarly with reduced complexity. We aim to provide an engineer tools allowing to try various controllers offline, without interrupting production, and to make a choice trading-off performance and control complexity.

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10h00: Data-based Adaptive control to improve performance (DataPTIVE_IRVA)

It is often beneficial to adapt setpoints or control actions to variable conditions like resource quality, product demand or energy prices. In this project we propose to derive the key influences to adapt to from experimental data – that can already be available or that we will collect in a targeted way -  to then derive simple adaptive control logic from it. This will lead to more consistent or better performance, saving for example energy or avoiding reductions in product quality due to variations in conditions.

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10h30: Improved emulation for accurate testing (ProBench_IRVA)

In this project we aim to improve the control of test benches with motors and/or shakers using learning approaches. This will enable a motor to emulate the behavior of a wheel, vehicle or ICE. It will further also enable replaying recorded field data, or comparing various components or software versions with the exact same motion profiles. The learning approaches will allow all this to be done in a more accurate manner than the current approaches, and to do so independently of the DUT.

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11h00: DC Distribution for Machine Clusters (DCDISTR_IRVA)

DC Distribution for Machine Clusters builds further on the MultiDC ICON project and develops tools to take advantage of the OPEX, CAPEX and reliability improvements that DC distribution can bring in a machine cluster with multiple actors. The outcome of the project will be guidelines towards implementation of robust control strategies, a validated business case evaluation tool (calculating harmonics, peak power, losses, …), guidelines for setting up a small scale demonstrator and guidelines for full scale DC installations. This greatly reduces risks and costs for industrial partners to make the switch from AC to DC.

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11h30: DC for industrial applications (indDC_INFRA)

The indDC_INFRA project aims to create an infrastructure station for DC R&D in industrial applications. The project revolves around three main pillars: state-of-the-art demonstrator, stable and safe R&D platform, and research in future developments. The system is designed to integrate hardware and software elements in design and testing phases, and aims to reduce time-to-test and provide a flexible platform for energy distribution and data exchange.

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