Join our project pitches on assembly systems

On Wednesday 8 March 2023 we will pitch these project ideas regarding assembly systems.
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13h00: Demo and test lab for re/demanufacturing (GREENLAB_INFRA)

The EU and Flemish government aim to promote circular economy and reduce waste, and Flanders Make is involved in initiatives related to re/demanufacturing to help achieve these goals. Many companies are concerned about making their product life cycle circular, and GREENLAB is being developed to provide infrastructure to test COTS re/demanufacturing products and demonstrate results from Flanders Make projects. The infrastructure could be fixed in the Kortrijk FM building or made mobile by installing it in a standard sea container, and should be self-sustaining through various valorization possibilities.

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13h30: Integrated PROduction and Maintenance Scheduling for assembly environments (ProMS_SBO)

Production scheduling and maintenance planning are typically separate, resulting in issues such as expensive and disruptive maintenance schedules or machine failures. An integrated framework for these two planning problems could increase available production time by 10%, reduce machine failures by 10%, and decrease preventive maintenance costs by 15%. The project aims to develop this framework using custom meta-heuristic solutions to solve the complex scheduling problem.

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14h00: ROBust SUPplu chains for assembly with REManufactured or repurposed component (ROBSUPREM_SBO)

This project focuses on developing robust models for closed-loop systems for remanufacturing, which involves disassembling products, cleaning and reusing parts, and reassembling them to create a like-new product. The project aims to impact scheduling and routing strategies for logistics service providers and develop new inventory, re-order, and logistic strategies for companies handling the reverse logistics process themselves, which will lead to an efficient closed loop system and have a significant impact on the supply chain.

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14h30: Daily energy scheduling for the manufacturing industry: How to measure and optimize energy utilities (UTILERGY_SBO)

The project aims to optimize energy utilities such as windmills, solar panels, and cogeneration to ensure energy availability at affordable costs, taking into account the already fixed daily production schedule and anticipating uncertainty related to energy availability. To optimize the use of existing utilities, insights must be gained into the settings of each utility and their impact on energy produced. The project aims to develop a holistic approach to energy utility optimization to reduce total energy costs and optimize energy supply

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15h30: Design, Deploy and Maintain Machine Learning Algorithms at the Edge in Industry (EDDGE-MML_IRVA)

This IRVA project aims to lower the barrier to adopting machine learning (ML) at the edge in industrial products, processes, and services by addressing problems such as the cost-performance balance of edge devices and deploying, monitoring, and maintaining ML models remotely. The project will design tools that maximize the algorithm-performance/hardware-cost ratio, support the choice of hardware, and enable remote deployment and maintenance of ML models, which will also enable future research on the remote validation of ML algorithms at the edge. The project will prioritize topics and archetype industrial use cases based on the consortium's interest, such as low latency control or low communication bandwidth multi-sensor process monitoring.

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