Join our project pitches on sustainable end-to-end ecosystems

On Tuesday 7 March 2023 we will pitch these project ideas regarding sustainable end-to-end ecosystems.
You can join each pitch by adding the Outlook item to your agenda and joining the online meeting through Microsoft Teams.

13h00: Assisted Sustainable Redesign (ASSURED_SBO)

The goal of this research proposal is to develop and implement new methods for design optimization of components that balance performance and sustainability. The project aims to create a framework that generates new designs from existing ones while considering material selection and lifecycle analysis. The proposed research will involve the development of new mathematical and computational techniques and the testing and validation of these methods through case studies and real-world applications.

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13h30: Prediction benefits of reverse supply chain in re-manufacturing and production (REMASC_SBO)

The project aims to improve the supply chain management of remanufacturing by making predictions through advanced machine learning techniques. The focus is on the reverse supply chain, which involves the flow of returned products from customers to manufacturers, and the goal is to identify the root cause of returns and track data to inform decisions related to remanufacturing and product design. The predictions made will provide insights into problem areas in product design and suggest redesign options to improve the product and customer experience, including total warranty returns, remanufacturing volume, product quality, customer satisfaction, financial savings, and return on investment.

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14h00: Value network and business model design for exploring Manufacturing as a Service (VN-MAAS_SBO)

The project aims to investigate the viability and sustainability of Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) for Flanders Make members. MaaS involves offering the use of production resources as a service, providing benefits such as cost optimization, agility, and resilience, but also facing challenges such as the need for a threshold number of users and transactions for success. The project will propose a methodology for exploring MaaS and develop a digital platform to match providers and users of production resources, allowing for analysis of the value network and business model.

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