Join our project pitches on smart sustainable drivetrains

On Monday 6 March 2023 we will pitch these project ideas regarding smart sustainable drivetrains.
You can join each pitch by adding the Outlook item to your agenda and joining the online meeting through Microsoft Teams.

13h00: Diversification of Axial Flux Motor Technology (DivA_IRVA)

This is a project within Flanders Make to study and design axial flux PM machines for various applications such as EVs, renewable energy conversion, semi direct drive actuators, hand-held power tools, and industrial drives. The project aims to improve energy efficiency, ecodesign, and economics by incorporating new materials and reducing the amount of rare-earth materials used. The project will also explore hybrid excitation systems as a way to achieve these goals.

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13h30: OPTimal system design and e2e digitalization of BATTeries for heavy-duty applications (OptiBATT_IRVA)

OptiBATT project will develop a modular and scalable hybrid battery system to reduce the cost and size of the large batteries in heavy-duty vehicles. The hybrid battery system will be equipped with a digital twin platform enabling online energy management, accurate state estimation and predictive maintenance. Additionally, this project aims at developing of a digital traceability tool contributing to the battery passport initiative, which aims to improve and manage the disposal of electric batteries in a more sustainable way.

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14h00: Smart Single Di-electric Fluid System (SingleDI-EL-FluidSys_IRVA)

The project aims at developing a robust smart cooling & lubrication single oil vehicle system (motor, gearbox, inverter, battery, etc.) loaded by realistic driving & fast charging conditions. This encounters the development of innovative direct cooling methods, robust design methodologies  and a smart thermal control approach.

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14h30: Minimal CO2 drivetrains from design to end-of-life (MinCO2Drives_SBO)

The demand of the Flemish Industry is moving towards drivetrains that are sustainable with minimal CO2 emission in the production phase, the use phase, until the end-of-life. This project aims to investigate alternative materials on all levels of the drivetrain (e.g. insulation for conductors, PCB’s for power electronics, lubricants,..), alternative design choices and production techniques that enable easy recycling or remanufacturing. The performance and CO2 footprint of the redesigned machines will then be compared to the original drives.

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15h00: Modular High Power Gear Transmission Test Rig for Condition Monitoring (MOHITO_INFRA)

The project aims to construct a high-power and high-relevance modular test rig, consisting of a motor, a load and a custom-made gearbox capable of hosting different types of gears, bearings, and various types of gear stages. The facility will be fully equipped with various types of sensors to monitor operating conditions and health states. The infrastructure will complement the existing infrastructure in the Flanders Make core labs and enable accelerated life tests and fault testing.

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