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European Cluster Collaboration Platform

Project description

Support the internationalisation of European SMEs whose activities are related to the manufacture of composites from recycled materials, particularly textiles. A joint internationalisation strategy will be developed and tested, targeting three countries: the USA, Japan and Singapore.

Project goals

  1. Support the internationalization of European SMEs active in the production of recycled based composites and their manufacturing technologies, using as input materials end of life waste coming from different sectors as Textile&Clothing Automotive and Furniture
  2. Identify with specific methodologies and tools, the SME needs to support cross border collaboration and internationalisation
  3. Develop a joint internationalisation strategy for SMEs of recycled based composites value chain towards specific third markets: The USA, Japan and Singapore
  4. Implement in depth market studies and following fact finding missions andmatchmaking activities in the three countries, to test and start the implementation of the strategy
  5. Establish the main conditions for the set up of joint collaborative projects among European actors and international partners
  6. Build of roadmap for mid and long term actions for the phase of the REC N COMP partnership activity beyond the current project with a view to foster a sustainable Partnership beyond the lifetime of the current project

More information

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