Condition-based maintenance of rotating machinery

When in operation, machines and vehicles produce vibrations. By monitoring the characteristic patterns in these vibrations we know when components, such as bearings or gears, start to show faults, typically as a result of mechanical wear. This knowledge allows us to schedule maintenance well before failure, but only when the system needs it, reducing downtime and optimising the maintenance costs.

We offer customised monitoring solutions to detect and diagnose faults in machines and vehicles based on sensing technologies for vibrations, acoustics and e-motor currents.

Flanders Make - Vibration-based condition monitoring

What do we offer?

In our Smart Maintenance Lab, we capture the vibration data of vehicles and machines using accelerometers. We connect this information with other available parameters such as temperature, rotational speed, etc. The signals are then processed using smart fault detection and prediction algorithms. Our algorithms can be implemented on embedded hardware to process the data and optionally send the health indicators to a cloud environment for easy monitoring.

Are you looking for a partner to evaluate and demonstrate the feasibility of condition monitoring for your specific machine or vehicle? We offer:

  • Help by installing our portable monitoring system, gather machine data and process them using our algorithms.
  • Our proprietary algorithms for robust fault detection and prediction, ready for use with low-cost vibration sensors.
  • Our test infrastructure for customised testing of bearings and gears, available for different types of bearing or gear faults.
  • Well-documented vibration datasets from accelerated life tests on bearings to test, evaluate or benchmark existing condition monitoring solutions.

Our unique software & hardware

  • Robust fault detection and prediction algorithms for faults in bearings, gears, motors, etc.
  • A wide range of sensing technologies (e.g. low-cost, MEMS-based accelerometers and microphones, ultrasound sensors, current sensors, etc.).
  • Portable condition monitoring system for data acquisition and processing.
  • Bearing setups in smart maintenance lab for high-quality datasets


Overview - Vibration-based condition monitoring

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