We have developed a patented metamaterials* technology combining excellent noise and vibration behaviour with a low weight and compact volume. With this technology, we assist companies in achieving excellent NVH-performance.

*A metamaterial (from the Greek word μετά (meta), meaning "beyond" and the Latin word materia, meaning "matter" or "material") is any material engineered to have a property that is not found in naturally occurring materials. They are made from assemblies of multiple elements fashioned from composite materials such as metals and plastics. The materials are usually arranged in repeating patterns, at scales that are smaller than the wavelengths of the phenomena they influence.

Flanders Make - Noise reduction through lightweight vibro-acoustic metamaterials

What do we offer?

We assist companies that are in search of quieter products by:

  • analysing the current noise and vibration status;
  • evaluating the potential of a metamaterials solution, based on the relevant transmission paths and the frequency spectra of the NVH-signals;
  • designing and validating a prototype of the identified solution.

Our patented metamaterials technology offers a solution not only to OEMs in the machinery, equipment, transportation or construction industry, but also to companies specialised in retrofitting machinery – for example ductwork for AC.

Our unique software & hardware

  • A wide range of sensors and exciters to perform vibro-acoustic evaluations 
  • In-house developed software tool to optimise the design/geometry of the resonators so as to create the stopband at the aimed at frequency


Overview - Noise reduction through lightweight vibro-acoustic metamaterials

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