We provide the optimal hardware configuration and algorithmic solutions for visual inspection systems in production environments (production line, manufacturing machines, assembly workstation, etc.). We offer robust and easy-to-deploy computer vision algorithms that require little training data.

Flanders Make - Implementation of robust and reliable visual inspection systems

What do we offer?

We provide customised solutions for visual inspection in different applications. One of our key areas is the accurate visual detection of anomalies in products with high variability, such as delamination of machined composites, crack detection in 3D printed soles, quality monitoring of medical pills, etc.  We provide the optimal HW configuration and algorithmic solutions for visual in-line or end-of-line quality monitoring in production lines. The solutions are based on commercially available 1D, 2D or 3D vision sensors. Our services, for this application, include:

  • In-line quality monitoring in production lines:
    • Estimation and verification of product features (dimensions, profiles, etc.) for stationary and moving objects, even with high motion speeds (up to 100m/s).
    • Accurate visual detection of surface quality anomalies, including low-contrast and tiny defects that are difficult to detect with the naked eye. The solution that we propose only requires a small amount of model images (typically a few good images per anomaly) and leverages on the creation of accurate photorealistic synthetic data. This solution can be implemented in flexible production lines that contain multiple products;
    • Inspection of anomalies within the immediate surroundings of a production system (e.g. mist detection example described below).
  • Embedded machine vision for low-cost (starting at ~100€),high-speed monitoring applications (up to 20 kHz).
  • 3D scanning for metrology and CAD-based optimisation (e.g. optimal fitting and stitching to highlight precise deviations in geometrical and surface features) using a Flanders Make optimisation framework that allows productivity improvements while ensuring the same accuracy as provided by commercial systems.

We can build vision solutions without proprietary code and offer the full source code of your solution.


Our unique software

  • Low-cost 1D vision system design toolbox
  • 1D/2D visual anomaly detection software
  • 3D point cloud reconstruction software


Overview - Implementation of robust and reliable visual inspection systems

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