Functional safety aims to avoid risks, damage or physical injuries when working with a piece of equipment. By implementing various (functional) safety measures, we protect the (end) user when handling the product.

We offer expertise in understanding the impact of safety standards on the product design and support in developing safety-critical systems.

Flanders Make - Functional safety analysis

What do we offer?

Often, companies must submit safety evidence as part of a certification process, for instance in the automotive, agricultural or machinery industry. We help you to understand and implement functional safety measures. More specifically, we provide:

  • Maturity assessment of functional safety processes;
  • Training:
    • Standard-based general functional safety approach
    • Technical safety analysis (HARA, FMEA, FTA, RBD)
  • Product design guidance:
    • Risk analysis
    • Specification of functional safety requirements
    • Specification of architectural functional safety solutions
  • Evaluation:
    • ISO2626 HW metrics evaluation
    • Quantitative FTA & FMEA
    • Estimation of reliability failure over time

Our unique software

  • FLAME: in-house process tool to guide the engineer in the design of safety-critical products
  • Enterprise architect: functional safety system engineering modelling
  • Dedicated HARA tool: cross-domain hazard analysis and risk assessment

Customer success story

Flanders Make Functional Safety Academy.


Customers request evidence of the safety integrity of their products:

  • Do their functional safety processes comply with the current state of the art?
  • Is the product demonstrating functionally safe behaviour?


We created the Flanders Make Functional Safety Academy (FM-FSA), with the following objectives:

  • Supporting the industry with Functional Safety (FuSa) engineering
  • Developing methods and approaches to comply with FuSa
  • Grouping experts in view of sharing knowhow

Customer value

  • Fast introduction into domain-related FuSa processes & implementation into product development processes
  • Design of functional safety mechanism:
    • Specification of FuSa mechanisms for electric powertrain, BMS, fault-tolerant lateral controller, autonomous control system within automotive industry and agriculture, etc.
  • Technical Safety Analysis:
    • Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
    • FMEA and FTA to assess the safety integrity level
    • Reliable Failure Analysis


Overview - Functional safety analysis

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