Energy efficiency, compactness, reliability and costs are keywords when designing machine drivetrains. We offer a model-based design approach for the physical and control design of smart machines with highly dynamic (single- & multi-motion) drivetrains.

Flanders Make - Design and prototyping of highly dynamic machine drivetrains

What do we offer?

For companies designing and manufacturing highly dynamic drivetrains and drivetrain components we offer:

  • Guidance in choosing the right drivetrain architecture for your application
  • Physics-based modelling of highly dynamic machine drivetrains (based on available CAD models)
  • Integration of mechanical, magnetic and electrical energy storage in drivetrains and drivetrain components to speed up the dynamics and energy efficiency
  • Optimisation of motion profiles
  • Development & prototyping of power supply electronics
  • Design & prototyping of auxiliary systems such as cooling and lubrication
  • Virtual testing of drivetrain systems

Our unique software

We use various unique software tools in this process:

  • Proprietary CAD-based drivetrain design toolchain using motion simulators
  • Co-design tool for optimisation of physical and control parameters of drivetrains
  • Design tool for TCO-optimisation of drivetrains with fast and slow energy storage
  • Active and passive front-end design tool


Overview - Design and prototyping of highly dynamic machine drivetrains

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