We design and prototype electric and hybrid vehicle drivetrains in terms of energy consumption, lifetime, costs and comfort. Using our simulation platform, we optimise the design and control architecture of these drivetrains. Furthermore, we integrate proof-of-concepts for validation on test vehicles in lab and road environments.

Flanders Make - Design and prototyping of electric & hybrid vehicle drivetrains

What do we offer?

Manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicle drivetrains and their components are constantly looking for ways to improve performance, energy efficiency, reliability and/or compactness. Our simulation platforms facilitate a top-down and bottom-up approach for the architectural design, modelling and integration of electric and hybrid drivetrains and their components for a wide variety of applications:

  • Hybridisation & electrification;
  • Vehicle dynamics control strategies for torque vectoring and (active) suspension;
  • Impact of increased autonomy and functional safety levels on vehicle drivetrains;
  • Advanced ECO energy management systems (charging, driving, routing and comfort).

We support your entire process: from application requirements over architecture, conceptual evaluation, (co-)design and building proof-of-concepts, including software implementation, up to validation.

Our unique software

We use various unique software tools in this process:

  • Virtual simulation and optimisation platform, developed in-house in MatLab, for energy management strategies for hybrid electric vehicle, hybrid energy storage system and powertrain sizing
  • Static, hybrid and dynamic models and parameterised finite element (FE) models, e.g. electric variable transmissions (EVT), in Matlab/Simulink
  • Validated vehicle models for vehicle dynamics applications


Overview - Design and prototyping of electric & hybrid vehicle drivetrains

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