Due to the increased complexity of mechatronic products (more components, functions, technologies, etc.), using models for designing these products has become inevitable. Without supporting tools, designing and analysing product concepts would be difficult and very time-consuming.

We offer computer-supported design tools that generate various design concepts and adapt and optimise them to meet your specific requirements.

Flanders Make - Computer-supported design of mechatronics products

What do we offer?

Using our expertise in computational design synthesis, we define and set up parameterised dynamic performance models. A key point here is to select the correct model structure in such a way that the necessary design features can be included. In addition, we speed up the conceptual design phase by generating and evaluating design candidates. Through targeted model approaches, we enable the analysis of energy consumption, component loads and NVH performance.

A model-driven design approach benefits both system-level integrators as well as companies designing components. It helps to solve large-scale optimisation problems that arise when designing mechatronic products. The dynamic performance assessment is front-loaded to the pre-prototype stage and companies gain insight in their design ‘hotspots’. 


Our unique software

  • In-house developed modelling and simulation tools
  • In-house developed optimisation toolboxes


Overview - Computer-supported design of mechatronics products

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