We support machine builders by using tools to efficiently create better performing controllers for their products. Using our experience in combining theory and application insights, we employ model-based technologies. This allows us to leverage our knowledge about the system dynamics to create real-time, optimally performing controllers.

Flanders Make - Development of model-based controllers for increased system performance

What do we offer?

In the quest for lighter, faster, stronger or more energy-efficient products, large-scale optimisation problems arise in different product development stages: e.g. modelling, parameter estimation and optimal control.

Companies that manage to solve these problems efficiently gain an important strategic advantage. We help to accelerate the engineering of a working controller prototype, we give advice to achieve state-of-the-art computational efficiency and assist companies in creating a long-lasting, yet flexible control software solution. Our offer consists of:

  • modelling and model identification of drivetrain system dynamics;
  • controller type selection;
  • model-based controller design and tuning;
  • development of a learning or adaptive controller if so required by the application;
  • development of an optimal controller;
  • accelerated controller testing and validation.

Our unique software

We use various unique software toolboxes in this process:

  1. Linear control toolbox
  2. Learning control toolbox
  3. Context estimation and adaptive control toolbox
  4. Vibration/noise control toolbox
  5. Nonlinear optimisation and algorithmic differentiation toolbox
  6. Optimal drivetrain co-design toolbox
  7. Optimal cam design toolbox
  8. Dynamic programming toolbox for optimisation, including discrete variables
  9. Offline and online optimal path planning for AGV’s, drones…
  10. Controller validation toolbox


Overview - Development of model-based controllers for increased system performance

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