Flanders Make invests in 540kW DC Simulation System for Electric Vehicles

Flanders Make invests in 540kW DC Simulation System for Electric Vehicles


We have granted CN Rood the contract to build a 540kW DC simulation system. With this system, we will be able to power and test next-generation battery packs up to 800V & 1200V from. In addition, we will use the system to power inverters of electric motors. An additional advantage is its modularity, as we can easily expand it to higher powers in the future. 

Flanders Make testing and validation infrastructure for electric vehicles

Research into drivetrains, fast charging processes and battery ageing is crucial for the success of Electric Vehicles. At our Lommel site, we run several research programs and also offer companies the opportunity to make use of our testing and validation infrastructure. With the new 540kW DC simulation system, we respond to the trend towards larger (charging) capacities of battery packs and the higher power capabilities of electric motors.

Modular and flexible system

The system will have an initial output of 540kW and a voltage range of up to 1500 VDC. This will cover the maximum area for the low-voltage regulation and is also sufficient for today's electric passenger cars. The system is modular and can easily be expanded to a higher power output in the future. The system consists of four racks of 135kW, where each rack exists of nine Delta Elektronika SM1500-CP-30 bidirectional, regenerative 15kW power supplies and will be built in cooperation with Limec Technics.  Because the system is mobile, it will be used for multiple test setups.

More information?

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Kristof Vrancken, Communication Officer

Kristof Vrancken is Digital Communication Officer at Flanders Make since 2019. As Digital Marketeer with experience in both B2B and B2C environments he writes with a fresh view on technological innovation, about what literally and figuratively moves within our research centre.

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