We perform extensive research on batteries for all kinds of applications, including electric vehicles.


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Following the shift towards electrification, research into drive cycles, fast charging and aging of batteries is paramount. That's why we perform extensive research on batteries for all kinds of applications, including electric vehicles.

In our battery labs, we test cells, modules and packs to help select the right battery cell for any application. Our testing infrastructure allows to perform endurance and ageing tests on battery packs. Our research infrastructure includes climate chambers to determine operational temperature ranges or to perform accelerated life tests.

We can run the following battery test:

  • Cycling and aging
  • High current pulse testing
  • Drive cycle testing
  • Fast charging testing

Technical specifications


Available equipment and specifications

  • Battery cell tester PEC SBT 0550
    • 18 channels
    • -3V tot 5V, 50A (max)
    • Combined channels: 600A (max)
    • Max. 4,5kW over 18 channels
  • Battery module tester PEC SBT 8050
    • 9 channels
    • 0V to 80V, 50A (max)
    • Max. current: 50A/channel (up to 450A in parallel) (PEC)
    • Max. 27kW over 9 channels
    • Additional DAQ for temperature/voltage sensors
  • Battery pack tester & simulator 
    • 4 channels
    • 0 V to 1500 VDC
    • 270 A per channel (1080 A in parallel)
    • 135 kW per channel (540 kW in parallel)


Available equipment

  • Climate chamber for battery pack testing (2.000 L – with automated fire extinguishing system)
  • Several climate chambers with humidity control for battery module testing (up to 600L)


  • Temperature range: -40°C to 180°C
  • Relative Humidity (10% to 98%) - climate rooms & climate chambers 
  • CW climate room: max. 2 x 600kg battery packs 
  • Programmable Seasonal temperature profile

What do we offer?

We offer our infrastructure for all kinds of battery tests:

  • Cycling and aging, high current pulse testing, drive cycle testing, fast charging testing, etc.
  • Battery fabrication for proof of concept


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