Flanders Make donates laptops to Digital for Youth

Flanders Make donates laptops to Digital for Youth

Flanders Make has donated 47 old laptops, several keyboards, mice and tote bags to Digital for Youth. This organization aims to reduce the digital divide for vulnerable children and youth between the ages of 6 and 25. In collaboration with other social organizations, they aim to provide access to ICT materials to sharpen interest in technology and digital skills. To achieve their mission, they rely on laptop donations. To do so, Digital for Youth turns to the corporate world, including Flanders Make.

How it works.

Digital for Youth comes (from 20 devices) to collect your old laptops. Then their partner, CTG Circular, goes to work with these devices. As a professional refurbisher, CTG Circular takes care of a complete and certified data wipe. This ensures no sensitive information ends up in the wrong hands.

After the laptops are ready for use again, Digital for Youth distributes them to the organizations they support. There are now more than 100 social organizations and 350 schools. On their website you can find an overview of supported organizations.

"Donating outdated laptops to Digital for Youth is reliable and cost-saving, as all data is removed from the old laptops and we receive an official certificate of this. This saves us a lot of time as an IT department. In addition, donating is also ecological and impactful, as the old laptops are used again by young people who would otherwise be left out of today's digital society. Win-win!"

Yvan Beckers -

ICT Manager - Flanders Make

Also donating?

Are you also interested in supporting Digital for Youth? Then be sure to check out their website and become a donor too!

Kristof Vrancken, Communication Officer

Kristof Vrancken is Digital Communication Officer at Flanders Make since 2019. As Digital Marketeer with experience in both B2B and B2C environments he writes with a fresh view on technological innovation, about what literally and figuratively moves within our research centre.

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