“I started working with Flanders Make to put the results of my research into practice.” Bart holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Antwerp. As such, Flanders Make was not unfamiliar to him before he started working for us as a computer scientist in 2017.​

Bart, Computer Scientist at Flanders Make

"I joined an interesting world that involves a considerable level of details and complexity. I always start working from a concept and then continue to develop this general concept into increasingly concrete steps that work for the companies in question. At the same time, I must ensure that our new concepts can really be used by these companies.

The different possibilities for one machine design are immense. The sooner companies can make design choices, the better. I am currently working on a tool to manage a series of machine designs. This will accelerate the design process of companies and improve the cooperation between their different design engineers.

Our research institution is rapidly expanding. This enables us to specialise in what we are best at and, at the same time, come into contact with various fields of expertise. I am, for instance, no expert in mechanics. But I can find the right additional expertise among my colleagues and gradually learn to work with different engineering tools.”