At Flanders Make, we develop new technologies and new applications for intelligent robots, autonomous vehicles, interconnected machines and human-centred production sites. That's how we make sure our manufacturing companies remain leading within their market. By bringing together knowledge, expertise and competences from companies, universities and other knowledge institutions, we help companies to innovate better and faster. At Flanders Make, we give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge. You will innovate and make new things happen for manufacturing companies. Together, we will strengthen our growing organisation.

What do we offer?

  • A challenging job, working with experts in various fields, using state-of-the-art infrastructure for autonomous systems, machine & vehicle dynamics, predictive control, data analytics, software prototyping.
  • An open company culture with short communication lines
  • A multi-stakeholder research context
  • An enthusiastic, international team

Meet our coworkers

Roeland, Technician

"You don't find a job like this in the industry."

Tom, CTO

"At Flanders Make, you look forward to the future and I have the opportunity to work on that future, which to me is much more interesting."

Abdel, Technical Project Manager

"I like to gain knowledge and create something new together with my team, the beginning of a technological breakthrough."

Bart, Computer Scientist

“I started working with Flanders Make to put the results of my research into practice.”

Chris, Technical Project Manager

"I ensure that we deliver results with industrial impact."

Diana, Technical Project Manager

"I am more of a team connector than a ‘team leader’".

Contact us

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