Technology for remote training and support

Technology for remote training and support

The project "Technology for remote training and support" aims to inspire organisations within industry, education and the care sector to implement technological solutions that allow activities to be carried out in compliance with social distancing rules. This project is supported by VLAIO through the COOCK project call.

The 'augmented/mixed reality' technologies provided make use of smart glasses, smartphones or tablets. This allows an observer to follow the actions of the executor in real time. The aim is to assist or follow the contractor (operator, expert, pupil, teacher, patient, aid worker,...). In addition to improved safety (e.g. through social distancing), these remote assistance techniques also have the following advantages: shorter training time, possibility to perform more complex tasks, more efficient use of scarce experts and faster problem solving. Although this technology is available and affordable, its benefits are still little known in society and its use is limited.

The general aim of this project is to offer alternatives to training and assistance. This project therefore does not focus exclusively on professional users, but also on citizens such as pupils and patients.

Through various channels, publications and low-threshold demonstrations will generate interest and transfer knowledge to the various sectors spread across Flanders.

More about the VLAIO COOCK-call

VLAIO launches an additional COOCK call of 2 million euros to combat the corona crisis. The COOCK programme builds the bridge between the knowledge world and the business world. The call aims to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and technology from our research organisations to companies and organisations suffering from the corona crisis. In this way, new knowledge can be translated into practical applications in the short term. VLAIO will ensure that approved projects can start as early as 2 weeks after submission.

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For more information about this project, please contact project manager Diana Espinosa.

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