Industry 4.0 report - What are companies focusing on now?

Key Finding 3: The key drivers for digitalisation are cost-based

Especially among larger companies, the main drivers for digitalisation are now cost-based (62%), while in 2019 there was a clear balance between cost-based and revenue-based drivers.  The experience gained gives them important insights into the return of their digitalisation actions.

A digital transformation can help companies to increase their profit as it will enable them to lower costs and/or increase revenues. Creating efficiency gains remains by far the major driver for digitalisation (43%). Next to that, we see a large increase in companies that hope to benefit from lower costs (19%). While in 2019 there was a clear balance between revenue-based and cost-based drivers as the key benefit of digitalisation (50-50%), it is clear that the focus has now shifted towards cost-based drivers (62%), meaning companies hope to realise efficiency gains and cost reductions.

Cost-based drivers (operational):

  • Efficiency gains
  • Lower costs

Revenue-based drivers (market):

  • Additional revenue
  • Gain in market share

Key benefit of digitalisation within the next 3 years


There is also a significant difference between small and large companies. Smaller companies have a more balanced motivation between revenue- and cost-based drivers, whereas larger companies are mostly motivated by cost-based drivers when implementing a digital transformation plan, focusing on the operational aspects.

Key benefit of digitalisation within the next 3 yearsMain drivers for digitalisation


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