Industry 4.0 report - What are companies focusing on now?

Key finding 2: Companies are more industry 4.0-ready than ever before

Companies remain committed to execute their Industry 4.0 plans. 45% of our companies are Industry 4.0-ready (+13%) and they give themselves an average rating of 3.3 on 5. This is very promising, as they are acting in a rapidly evolving context. Surprisingly, the company size has almost no impact on the Industry 4.0-readyness.

Flanders Make guides companies in taking the next steps in their innovation process. In doing so, we take into account the level at which they are operating. This is different for each company. There are 'innovation leaders' and 'fast followers'. Technology that is first applied by innovation leaders is often adopted by fast followers, also in other sectors. This applies, for instance, to applications in the automotive industry that are picked up by the agricultural sector.

Industry 4.0-readiness compared to competition

In general, when asking for the Industry 4.0 readiness of companies compared to the competition, we see improved results compared to 2019. The number of companies that think they are doing better than their competitors has increased by 13%. Companies give themselves an average score of 3.3 on 5 in terms of Industry 4.0-readiness, which is better than in 2019. This is very promising in relation to the competitiveness of our industry as the global world also makes progress. Surprisingly, the company size has almost no impact on the Industry 4.0-readyness. Bigger companies tend to score a little higher, but the difference in the average score compared to small companies is only 0.09/5.

Strategic plan for digitalisation

When asking if companies have a strategic plan to make a digital transformation happen, there is only little progression compared to 2019. The progression in companies that are making or planning a digital transformation is almost status quo. 61% of the respondents have a plan, only 32% are executing it, which is less than in 2019. There is even a small increase in the number of respondents that claim to have no need for a digitalisation plan (5% -> 7%).

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