Industry 4.0 living lab - AR Support for cleanrooms

Industry 4.0 living lab - AR Support for cleanrooms

Within the AR4Industry living lab, a new demonstrator has been developed to carry out training in cleanroom cleaning using Augmented Reality.

Tom Mondelaers of VLAIO puts it like this: 

Industry 4.0 to the rescue! AR supports cleaning personel in cleanrooms

It is crucial for life sciences companies to find good employees for cleaning clean rooms. But that is easier said than done. Contaminations at microscopic level are invisible to the naked eye, leaving cleaning staff in the dark when it comes to quality assurance. Specialists of the industry 4.0 living lab 'AR4Industry' developed in cooperation with ViTalent, the competence centre for pharma and biotech in Flanders, a solution using augmented reality. With the support of the Agency for Innovation and Enterprise - VLAIO!  

"One of the great advantages of this tool is the visualisation of the actions you take. You can see where you have cleaned, where you have overlapped and also where you have not been. Moreover, every room can be scanned in order to train the ideal cleaning pattern", says Veerle Van der Linden of ViTalent. A great example of how industry 4.0 technology can be used to train and support employees!

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