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Flanders Make
Wij doen mee!

Event address

Gaston Geenslaan 8
3001 Leuven

On Sunday, March 17th, Flanders opens its doors, and Flanders Make joins in, along with the neighbours from Sirris. So, you hit two birds with one stone.

We're delighted to welcome you for a behind-the-scenes look. An ideal trip for families, friends, or groups to get inspired by the latest technologies and innovations for the (Flemish) industry.

No registration required, just drop by between 10am and 5pm!

Our neighbours at Sirris are also participating (in the same building)

Below is a brief description of some demonstrations you will see at Sirris.

Hyperspectral Cameras 
How to identify materials based on their behavior in infrared light?

Test Labs 
For companies, we conduct various tests to ensure the quality of products and materials. Think of hardness tests, scratch tests, lifespan tests, or color measurements. For example, we recently conducted an extensive study on coated frying pans from the company Berghoff. Curious about our approach?

Press Molding of Composite Materials 
A few years ago, we invested together with KU Leuven in a hydraulic press & robot to assist companies in researching circular solutions for composite materials. We will show you in a live demo how a biocomposite tray is pressed.

Circular Economy for Composite Materials 
Composite materials can be effectively used in the circular economy and will increasingly appear in our daily lives. Wind turbine blades are just one example. In this demo, we illustrate our approach and the R-strategies we use for this purpose.

Composites in Sports Applications 
Not only our Belgian top athletes will be deployed at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Composite materials will also be widely represented! Have you ever seen a professional kayak or pole vault up close? Curious about what they are made of and how? We will certainly amaze you!

Recycling of Coated Paper 
Can you recycle a pizza box or coffee cup? Why is the retail industry switching to paper packaging and is it smart? Does coated paper automatically mean you can't throw it in the 'old paper' bin? During this demo, we show you how we investigate which coated paper can be recycled and which disrupt the paper recycling process through the REPAC² project.

Active Thermography 
An infrared camera records the temperature of surfaces, which is used, for example, to visualize heat losses from buildings. With active thermography, we go a step further by first briefly heating a surface with a very strong flash of light and then visualizing how its temperature evolves. At Sirris, we aim to develop a measurement method to measure the thickness of a coating over a large area in this way.

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