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Graaf Karel de Goedelaan 16-18
8500 Kortrijk

Target audience

This event is aimed at companies considering electrifying their machinery (agricultural equipment, forklifts, rolling stock, tools, trailers, etc.) or vehicles (tractors, bicycles, vessels, buses, trucks, etc.), but still have questions about the technical or economic feasibility and are seeking support in making the right decisions.

Are you seeking an optimal solution with a short lead time and minimal risks? Do you need external expertise to realize this solution? Then this event is tailor-made for you. Additionally, suppliers of powertrains, batteries, energy, and battery management systems at Flanders Make are also in the right place to gain knowledge about testing, simulating, and/or optimizing these components for various applications.


Flanders Make aims to serve as a guide through your electrification journey with this event. Through a step-by-step approach, we will work together to find the best solutions for design, prototyping, and testing. We will share some success stories to demonstrate how we address specific industrial needs with tailor-made services, infrastructure, and advice.

During the event, you will have the opportunity to directly ask your questions to the experts at Flanders Make. By the end of the event, you will be inspired and sufficiently informed to take the first steps towards electrifying your machinery or vehicles, whether independently or with Flanders Make.

Participation in the event is free, but registration is mandatory and can be done until May 14, 2024.






Welcome with coffee



Introduction: What, Why, and How of Electrification?
Electrification isn't new, but it comes with numerous challenges. Can my machine or vehicle be electrified? Is there a business case for retrofitting? What steps should I follow? What are the key success factors? What about homologation, value chain, sustainability, etc.?

Bert Dexters, account manager, Flanders Make


Test Infrastructure @ Flanders Make
Testing a machine or vehicle is crucial for cost-effective electrification. What and when should be tested? What different test setups are available? What variations are possible?

Jeroen De Maeyer, business development manager, FlandersMake@UGent


Choosing the Right Electric Powertrain & Energy Management Strategy
The powertrain of a machine or vehicle must be compatible with the load and the desired performance. This involves choosing and sizing the right architecture and components. Additionally, optimizing energy supply during product operation through an energy management strategy is essential. With the right tools and expertise, this initially complex exercise can be simplified.

Boud Verbrugge, business developer, FlandersMake@VUB


Lab tour & coffee break

Kurt Stockman, FlandersMake@UGent


Selecting the Right Battery & Battery Management System
The market's battery offerings are growing, broader, and more accessible, but what should you consider? What type of battery to choose? How to determine dimensions? How to optimize the architecture of the battery pack? How to control and monitor?

Jeroen Stuyts, core lab manager MotionS, Flanders Make


Dealing with (Un)Desired Effects of Dynamics in Electrification
Dynamics (vibrations, noise, motion) play a significant role during the design, validation, and operational phases of both the powertrain and the entire machine or vehicle. How to design desired dynamic effects? How to address unwanted vibrations or noise? What troubleshooting is possible with add-on elements at a later stage? How to assess the health of your system based on its dynamics? How to test the dynamics of components and the system? How to predict effects through virtual models? What about dynamic Digital Twins?

Bert Pluymers, onderzoeksmanager, FlandersMake@KULeuven


Conclusion: Start to "Electrify Your Motion Product"
How can Flanders Make provide support? What financing options are available? Who can you turn to for questions?

Bert Dexters, account manager, Flanders Make


Speeddating & networking

Flanders Make, FlandersMake@UGent, FlandersMake@VUB, FlandersMake@KULeuven, VLAIO




Participation is free, but registration is obligatory!

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