To win the battle against Covid-19, we need ventilators. In order to avoid critical situations for our healthcare system or that of other countries, it is important to have more beds with ventilators than patients at all times. That is why the FabLab of Vrije Universiteit Brussel has started building breathing equipment. In close consultation with the UZ Brussel medical team and with input from John Hopkins University, they developed a prototype based on an existing MIT design. 

Flanders Make is working closely with this initiative and we are using our expertise to strengthen the project. Our concrete role is further described below. 

Role of Flanders Make

Flanders Make uses its expertise to support this project. This allows us to quickly make the step from prototype to production-ready product. Within this project, our researchers have worked on, among other things:

  • The mechanical design;
  • The design, programming and testing of the controller;
  • Life cycle testing;
  • The search for companies that can carry out the production of the ventilators and the organisation of the production.

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