Our Digital Twin Control Room is a co-creation space to facilitate interactive and company-specific production system design and decision making based on digital engineering tools.


Location: FlandersMake@.UGent

Flanders Make Digital Twin Control Room


Our Control Room consists of a 180° curved video wall that is controlled by an interactive multi-touch meeting table. Based on virtual representation of your production environment or machinery, different scenarios can be simulated and performance can be evaluated. The powerful 3D graphical rendering infrastructure enables realistic 3D visualizations of the simulated environment.

Currently we support following digital engineering tools:

  • Flexsim
  • Siemens Plant Simulation
  • Siemens Mechatronic Concept Design
  • Visual Components

Using these tools, our Digital Twin Control Room allows us to support you with questions and decisions concerning:

  • Design and evaluation of plant layouts
  • Design of internal logistic flows
  • Capacity planning and value stream optimization
  • Validation of control logic of automated systems

What do we offer?

We offer our Digital Twin Control Room:

  • For sales meetings between system integrators and their customers.
  • To validate and evaluate production system, product flow or workstation designs and optimization decisions.
  • As a training infrastructure for operators to experience new workstation or machine layouts, even before they are implemented.


Download an overview here:
Digital Twin Control Room - Overview

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