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Tomorrow is unstoppable. Embrace the future at SuperNova!

If you’re interested in visionary technologies or eager to hear inspiring speakers and game changers, the technology festival SuperNova is right up your alley. At the end of September, this international event will be the biggest meeting place in Flanders for ambitious entrepreneurs, companies, investors and researchers so as to shape the future together with the general public under the motto: tomorrow is unstoppable. And so, obviously, Flanders Make will be there as well. At our own stand at the SuperNova Tech Fair we will give demonstrations together with our partners  Aeroplane, Noesis, Dynamic Dimensions and Arkite. We are also the co-curator of the ‘Future of Work’ pavilion at the SuperNova Expedition, in which Flemish companies demonstrate tomorrow’s working methods to the general public through the use of interactive installations.  Here you will get the opportunity to visit our mobile MAKE LAB

The four-day festival SuperNova is an ambitious international event organised by Flanders DC and with the support of the Flemish Government. SuperNova wants to show to both professionals and the general public how companies and our daily lives will evolve in the coming years thanks to the technologies of the future. 

SuperNova comprises five separate events: 

SuperNova Conference: A two-day paid conference with world-class international speakers in the areas of groundbreaking technology and innovation.The SuperNova Conference will be staged at Waagnatie in Antwerp on 27 and 28 September and is a paid conference.

SuperNova Investor Pitching: The largest scale-up pitching event in Europe, which links the cream of the international venture capitalists to successful technology companies. Fifty-five promising European technology scale-ups, co-selected by nine internationally recognised venture capital funds, will have the opportunity to convince niche investors of their credible ambitions to conquer the world. They will have ten minutes to sell their technology and solutions to multi-million, ‘deep pocket’ investment funds. This will be followed by discreet negotiating rounds at SuperNova. SuperNova selects these European scale-ups based on strict KPIs in partnership with reputable funds in the Benelux region such as Fortino Capital, Volta Ventures, Prime Ventures, and Smartfin Capital. Also, top international players such as Columbia Lake (Showpad), Summit Partners (Uber), Runa Capital (MariaDB), HPE Growth (Airborne), and Idinvest (Blablacar) will be inviting some hidden crown jewels with ambitions to conquer the world. The Belgian Venture Capital Association is also involved in this.The SuperNova Investors event will take place at Waagnatie in Antwerp on 27 and 28 September. This is a paid event exclusively for investors.

SuperNova Tech Fair: A technology fair where businesses can shine the spotlight on game-changing solutions. They will ensure that established solutions involving the Internet of Things, future-proof software for various sectors, smart wearables, machine learning and artificial intelligence, bitcoin, security digital marketing, and much more will be more visible, tangible, and comprehensible. The SuperNova Tech Fair will be staged at Waagnatie in Antwerp on 27 and 28 September for professionals (paid) and on 29 and 30 September for the general public (free of charge).

SuperNova Expedition: This public event takes place at the weekend and offers the both young and old the opportunity to experience ‘Tomorrow’s life’ today, thanks to interactive installations that highlight the various aspects of our future in the realms of living, work, food, mobility, shopping, health, and entertainment.The SuperNova Expedition will be staged on the Eilandje in Antwerp on 29 and 30 September and is free of charge for the general public.

SuperNova Talent Matcher: A state-of-the-art talent matcher where ambitious jobseekers can apply for vacancies at more than a hundred and fifty innovative and game-changing companies who will be present at SuperNova. The SuperNova Talent Matcher is an online platform that uses artificial intelligence to make matches on the basis of competencies and skills. All that jobseekers need to do is to upload their CVs via the website in the run-up to SuperNova. At the SuperNova Tech Showcase event, companies and jobseekers will have the opportunity to arrange one-to-one meetings. The SuperNova Talent Matcher will be staged at Waagnatie in Antwerp from 27 to 30 September.

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27/09/2018 - 10:00 to 30/09/2018 - 18:00
't Eilandje, Antwerpen