The Soundbox is a non-standard test rig that allows the experimental evaluation of the acoustic behaviour of lightweight components for both airborne and structure-borne excitation in a quick and very practical way.


Location: FlandersMake@.KULeuven

Technical specifications

Sample size: A4 up to 1 x 0,8m 
Frequency range: 50Hz - 10kHz, reverberant from 3.3kHz
Measured quantities:
  • Vibration levels
  • Sound pressure level
  • Acoustic intensity
  • Transmission loss
  • Insertion loss 

What do we offer?

  • Evaluation of the acoustic behaviour of lightweight components for both airborne and structure-born excitation. 
  • Acoustic characterisation of materials (reverberant environment from 3.3kHz onwards).


Download an overview here:
Soundbox for acoustic characterisation of lightweight panels - Overview

More information?

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