The electrodynamic shaker LDS V650 is available as a mono-axial source excitation in vibrational tests, such as modal analysis, durability and shock tests.


Location: FlandersMake@.KULeuven

Technical specifications

LDS V650 Electrodynamic shaker
Frequency range 5 - 4000 Hz
Ouput force (upper limit) 2200 N peak
Rated travel (sine, upper limit) 25.4 mm peak to peak
Acceleration (sine, upper limit) 100 g peak
Payload (upper limit) 20.21 kg
Top table diameter 210 mm

What do we offer?

With our electrodynamic shaker we offer:

  • Modal analysis

  • Accelerated life and durability tests

  • Shock tests


Download an overview here:
LDS Electrodynamic shaker - Overview

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