We offer our electro-mechanical component test rig to test drives and transmissions on component level.


Location: FlandersMake@.UGent

Technical specifications

  • Specifically designed for testing powertrains;
  • 160 kW load motor, up to max. 6000 rpm, up to 1000 Nm for emulation of ICE, wind, drive cycle, ...
  • Via an intermediate gearbox up to max. 45 kNm (for slow rotating applications up to 60rpm continuous), 
  • Power supply:
    • Mains power supply: 3x230 VAC and 3x400 VAC (max. 400A)
  • Variable free programmable AC current source: 3x0-465V / 180 kVAµ
  • 4 quadrants variable DC power source 30-800 VDC / 240 kW / 400 A
  • Various methods for cooling the test object: water-glycol (-20°C to 80°C), oil, air
  • With high-end flow and temperature sensors
  • Testing at higher temperatures possible
  • The lab is equipped with high end and most accurate power analysers, current, torque, flow and temperature sensors and other secondary equipment.

What do we offer?

This test rig is available for:

  • Efficiency (input/output method);
    • According to the applicable standards
      • Input/output according to IEC 60034-2-1, IEC 60034-2-3 and IEC61800-9
      • Indirect method according to IEC 60034-2-1
    • If very high accuracy (<1%) is required when measuring losses, a calorimeter is available (see ITHACA test infrastructure).
  • Characterisation of machines;
  • Status monitoring: 
    • Control and dynamic processes of drives (DOL or with frequency converter);
  • Belt drives and gearboxes
  • And (in-situ) magnetic material characterisation.


Download an overview here:
Electro-Mechanical component test rig - Overview

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