We offer our electro-mechanical test rigs to test drives and transmissions on component level.


Location: FlandersMake@.UGent

Technical specifications

  • Power: up to 150 kW continuous
    • from standstill up to 6000 rpm,
    • High torque up to 45 kNm, 60 rpm
  • Temperature controlled incl. calorimeter (150x80x100cm)
  • High speed: up to 22 kW & 15.000 rpm and up to 75 kW & 9500 rpm
  • Low power machines down to 1 Nm (stepper motors, BLDC machines)
  • Supply:
    • Grid supply: 3x230 VAC and 3x400 VAC (max. 400 A)
    • Variable programmable AC current source: 3x0-465 V / 180 kVA
    • 4 quadrant variable DC current source: 30-800 VDC / 240 kW / 400 A
  • Different cooling methods: water-glycol (-20°C to 80°C), oil, air
    • High-end flow sensors, temperature sensors
    • Testing at higher temperatures
  • The lab is equipped with the latest and most precise power analyzers, torque transducers and other secondary equipment.

Technical specifications

  • Specifically designed for drivetrain testing
  • DUT max test sizes: 1,3m x 1,0m x 1,8m
  • Programmable bi-directional DC power source 120 kW for battery load emulation
  • Load motor 150 kW, 6.000 rpm max, 1.000 Nm for ICE, wind, driving cycle emulation,…
  • Variable AC power source 400 V / 180 kW
  • Variable DC power source 800 V / 180 kW
  • DUT power loss measurement up to 20 kW with accuracy of <1%
  • Various DUT cooling methods: water-glycol -20°C up to 80°C, oil, air
  • Elevated temperature testing possible
  • High-end high-speed thermal camera with framerate 233 Hz, -40°C up to 1200°C

Technical specifications

  • Driving motor: induction motor 11 kW, 6-pole, 400/690V, IE3
  • Danfoss drive 15 kW IP21 (control of driving motor)
  • Flywheel: 70 cm diameter, 5 cm thickness
  • Generator: 10kW, 260rpm axial permanent magnet generator
  • Planetary gearbox (TANDLER ServoFoxx PL2 B1), ratio 4:1, rated torque 840 Nm, max torque 1350 Nm
  • dSPACE MicroLabBox: Data-acquisition of sensor signals + control of generator
  • Sensors
    • Torque sensor: DR-2112/M450 (Lorenz Messtechnik), 500 Nm, accuracy 0.1%f.s.
    • Absolute encoder AFM60B-BDTA008192 (SICK), gray code, 8192 max steps per revolution, 4096 max number of revolutions
    • 3-phase LEM current sensors
    • Voltage sensors

What do we offer?

Electromechanical component test rig

We offer services on the test rig for the testing of drives and transmissions on component level.

Advanced thermal characterization and validation of drivetrain systems & components

We offer services on the test rig to build up and/or validate detailed power loss models for drivetrain components and systems.

HiL test rig for wind turbine emulation

We offer services on:

  • A HIL platform to safely develop or test your new AI or classical control strategies for wide operating ranges: MPPT strategies, torque control, switching MPC, optimal torque methods, residual reinforcement learning…;
  • Fully instrumented/sensorized HIL setup that allows you to adequately characterize and validate the performance and energy efficiency of your tested strategy;
  • Opportunity for knowledge transfer and collaboration based on our expertise and control methods/toolboxes applied on your specific case.


Download an overview here:
Infrastructure for electromechanical drivetrain testing

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