Our Dimensional Metrology group offers three acclimatised metrology labs for research and services.


Location: FlandersMake@.KULeuven

Available equipment

We have the following equipment available in our metrology infrastructure: 

  • Nikon Metrology LK Altera 15.7.6 3D CMM
  • Coord3 MC16 3D CMM
  • Mitutoyo FN905 3D CMM
  • Renishaw TP-200, TP20 and SP25M tactile probing systems
  • Nikon Metrology Laser Line Scanner LC60Dx
  • Renishaw ML10 laser interferometer
  • Hewlett-Packard 5518A laser interferometer
  • Mitutoyo Formtracer CS-3200S4 roughness device
  • Mitutoyo Portable Roughness Tester, Surftest SJ-210
  • Keyence VH-ZST microscope
  • Mitutoyo Roundtest RA-2200AH
  • Universal Abbe length measuring instrument

What do we offer?

We use our labs for the following services towards the industry:

  • Verification of dimensions and tolerances
  • Measurement of surface profiles, surface texture and surface roughness
  • Digitisation of parts for CAD comparison
  • Calibration of 3D coordinate measuring machines and machining centres



    Download an overview:
    Climatised dimensional metrology lab - Overview

    More information?

    Are you interested in one of these services? Do you want to make use of our equipment? Or do you need consulting?