We offer multiple test systems to characterise bushings under versatile testing conditions.


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Flanders Make - Bushing characterisation


Bushings come in various shapes and are loaded in various manners. To characterise bushings in different operational regimes, multiple test systems are available that are composed of different subsystems to allow versatile testing conditions.

These subsystems can be summarized in three main categories:

  1. High precision mono- or multi -axial shakers: Allows to generate the desired excitation source in time and frequency domains.
  2. Tailored jigs: Allows to interchange the connection interfaces for various bushing components/systems and operational configurations.
  3. Highly accurate 6 DOF force transducers: Allows to accurately measure 6 DOF output forces and capture the non-negligible coupling effects among the different DOF in static and dynamic conditions.

What do we offer?

Using this test infrastructure, we offer:

  • SIMO and MIMO static and dynamic testing.
  • Component and system level testing and characterisation.


Bushing characterisation - Overview

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