We offer various mobile robots & robot arms to use as a test platform for combining data from sensors to perform an autonomous function (e.g. obstacle avoidance). Furthermore these robots are used as a training tool for people unacquainted with robot programming.


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Flanders Make - Mobile robots & robot arms

Technical specifications


Motor Two-wheel two-motor differential drive
Speed 1.2 m/s translational speed, 300°/s rotational speed
Odometry Precise, gyroscope-corrected odometry
Laser Hokuyo lidar sensor, 4m range
Weight 9kg
Dimensions 38 x 45 x 24cm


Motor Four-wheel two-motor differential drive
Speed 1.5 m/s translational speed, 120°/s rotational speed
Use Heavy-duty design for rough terrain and outdoor use
Laser SICK lidar sensor, 20m range
Weight 50kg
Dimensions 64 x 78 x 55cm



R17 (Deucaleon) is a low cost entry to robotics. It is a fast, accurate and reliable robot arm that is easy to program. The arm has a long reach and therefore a larger and much more useful workspace than comparable machines.

Motor High power micro-stepped stepping motors
Reach 750mm in any direction; full 360 degree waist rotation
Payload Nominal 750g, max 2kg (4.4lbs) at flange
Repeatability 0.2mm (degrading with increasing payload and reach)
  • Droop at 500mm at nominal payload: 1.0mm
  • Droop at max reach, max payload: 6.0mm
  • Shoulder 100°/sec, Elbow 180°/sec, Waist 120°/sec
  • Around 2000mm/sec composite
Standard cycle time 2 seconds
Max torque for hand pitch or roll
  • 6th axis version hand pitch and yaw: 2Nm (repeatability figures degrade with increasing torque)
  • Max torque for 6th axis roll: 0.4Nm
Temperature range 0-30°C (wider range optional)
Power 110/240V AC 420VA (standard controller)
Weight Robot arm 20.5kg + Controller 11kg
Finish White powder-coat plus white vacuum formed ABS plastic covers

What do we offer?

We offer these 2 mobile robots and 1 robot arm as:

  • Test platform for combining data to perform an autonomous functions
  • Training tool for robot programming


Download an overview here:
Mobile robots & robot arms - Overview

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