We removed the conventional combustion engine of our Range Rover Evoque and added an electrical drivetrain with four independent electrical motors (1 for every wheel). In addition, we integrated extra sensors, automated steering and computers such that it can drive autonomously. The car now serves as a research and testing platform into vehicle control aspects (torque vectoring) and autonomous driving.


Location: Flanders Make - Lommel

Flanders Make - Electrical vehicle with individual wheel control

Technical specifications

  • Fully electric vehicle
  • With 4 individual drivetrains and in-house developed battery pack
  • Individual wheel drive control: 4 x switched reluctance motor
  • Individual wheel friction brake control: Slip Control Boost unit
  • Steer-by-Wire
  • dSPACE rapid prototyping platform and Nvidia drive PX2 360° sensors for environment perception by:
    • 6 camera’s
    • 6 Lidars
    • 6 radars
    • 12 ultrasound sensors
  • V2X communication capabilities 
  • Throttle and brake by wire

What do we offer?

The car serves as a research and testing platform into electrification and automated driving. Companies can validate their own solutions or use our testing vehicle to develop and try out innovative ideas. 

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Autonomous vehicles can perform an increasing amount of tasks all by themselves


Download an overview here:
Electrical vehicle with individual wheel control - Overview

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