We assist companies in taking design decisions in the conceptual phase of a mechatronic product design process. This results in a better initial design within a shorter period of time, fewer design iterations and shorter development times.

Flanders Make - Mechanical design and structural optimisation for mechatronic systems

What do we offer?

We provide workflows to perform structural topology optimisation of components in modern machinery, accounting for their interaction with other components and their dynamic performance.

The results of these approaches serve as an effective starting point for the final human design iterations, including verification of the structural integrity of components and systems as well as the optimisation of mechanical structures:

  • Optimisation of weight, NVH, strength, stiffness and cost
  • Evaluation and comparison of design concepts
  • Decision support in connection with material and geometrical parameter choices

Our unique software & hardware

  1. Simulation and concept evaluation tools: from lumped parameter to 3D distributed parameter analysis and co-simulation
  2. Robust pattern search optimisers
  3. Structural topology and parametrical optimisation tools
  4. Materials database (Granta CES Selector)



Overview - Mechanical design and structural optimisation for mechatronic systems

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